Growing a business

Posted By on Mar 24, 2016 |

It’s all good and fantastic when a business is growing but sometimes there is the dreaded chicken and egg scenario.

We’re got lot’s of potential new sales and opportunities, do we employ more staff now or wait?

The problem many businesses have and fear is that of all the what ifs:

  • What if we get that big new client but we don’t have the staff to fulfil their needs straight away?
  • What if we employ new staff but then that big new client doesn’t go ahead?
  • What if the big new client does go ahead but it’s only for the short term and I’ve employed all these new staff?

Outsource and forget about the chicken and eggThere is a middle ground

Outsource, it may be a headache to set-up at first but it’ll protect you and your business in the long term. If business continues to expand it means you can gradually employ staff at a speed you are comfortable with. If business flat lines or worse declines then most outsourcing avenues have very short contract terms.

What can I outsource?

To be blunt, lots. A quick search on Google and you will see you can outsource pretty much anything from marketing, graphic design, paralegals, HR consultancy, bookkeepers, PR to IT. If you are looking for that all important asset of piece and quiet, why not look at outsourcing your call answering to company like Connect Communications or AlldayPA. Most of these styles of companies offer free trials so it’s a win win situation.

The main thing to remember is this, if that big opportunity does come along you shouldn’t be worrying about if you can or can’t deliver- you can, you might just need to think outside the box for the first few big contracts until you business size catches up with the volume of work you’re bringing in.