Creating an Effective Business Plan

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Less than 1% of businesses are growing. Is yours?

Business Development – Business Coaches, Speakers, Workshops, Seminars, Articles, Recommended Reading and More. Business owners tell me there is hope. Things are showing signs they are picking up. It is still tough to find enough leads though and converting them is far from easy.For the past 2 years I have been studying 1% of companies who have been growing. There are very few of them.

What are the 1% doing that works so well?

The companies that are doing well are impressive:

Large companies like Apple who, having been tiny for years, suddenly soared passed Microsoft to become the highest valued technology company in the world. Many small companies who you will doubtless not have heard of PhotonStar LED, who save hotels and supermarkets 89% on lighting costs. As a result their revenue growth is incredible Strategy Internet Marketing who get Google to pay attention to web sites- and only charge by results and have doubled size in 1 year flat Jigsaw Box who provide a packaged way for coaches to generate income and are seeing revenue soar I track companies like these.


I know what they are doing that is working so well for them. I know how they are different from the masses that have found the last 2 years so hard. Even in good times 80% of businesses go bust in the 1st year. Of those remaining, 80% of those go out of business in the next 4 years. That means that, for every 1 million businesses that are created, only 40,000 even exist after 5 years. That is because the way most business owners go about business is fundamentally flawed.

Fast Track your Business Success

The guide “How to create an effective Business Plan” will show you how you can gain from this superb insight. By using this guide you will: Know exactly what you need to do to increase your revenue substantially Find out how to avoid the pitfalls most other companies fall into Work out how to use your resources fare more effectively Learn a model for building your business that will be fun and will lead you straight to success.

Human Resources Management

Human Resource management is a critical component for business success and growth. BRBS allows companies of all sizes to benefit from our experienced HR professionals, without building an expensive infrastructure to gain that expertise.

We competently provide the following services:

  • Background Checks
  • Pre-hire Screening
  • Job Descriptions
  • Employee Handbooks
  • Performance Reviews
  • DOL Issues
  • Drug Testing
  • Setup & Compliance

human-resources-management1HR Outsourcing is one of the fastest growing trends among today’s forward thinking companies. BRBS provides an ideal solution for administrative HR responsibilities. By providing companies with professional human resource assistance, BRBS makes it possible for companies to operate more efficiently and cost-effectively.

Human Resource functions have become increasingly complex over the last several years. BRBS can alleviate the administrative time drains and allow your company’s HR team to focus on being a strategic and value-added partner.